Sunday, November 2, 2008

CI moments

OK I am catching hell for not updating so here we go. Lots has been happening recently at least with my CI. I can make out some stuff really clear and I am listening to my iPod a lot. Music is kinda muddy but I can make out stuff especially old favorites. My ear is sore and I think I am finally going to breakdown and get some moleskin for it, I was hoping it would just toughen up with out it but it doesn't seem to want to. I went back to work on the 20th (BLAH) and its OK. The only thing I worry about is how much I sweat and stuff working so I am hoping to just find a new job. Also I can talk on the phone as long as its in a quiet environment, no car yet or anything but I can hold my own. My only disappointment is that no ones voice sounds distinct yet, they all sound the same just at different pitches. I guess that will come in time too. Michael took me to the Baltimore Symphony the other night and I could actually hear it! I was excited and I could make out the songs and stuff with it in. Sometimes I do better with the volume cranked up all the way other times its better in the middle. The implant seems to be working out really well, and I am waiting patiently to get the other ear implanted. Well I am waiting anyway, as most of you know I have tons of patience for some things and zilch on others, this is under others :). Hope everyone who reads this had a great Samhain (Halloween) and everything is ok.