Thursday, December 11, 2008

CI Moments

Ok just a few things here.
I heard Michael breathing outside in the dark the other night and it freaked me out lol.

I have discovered that the ability to take this thing off is great in shopping malls and around screaming kids :) HA HA take that you damned hearing people.

I can now hear them page me at work which I am still undecided as to it being good or bad.

I can talk on the phone to a point, but not if its really loud and I don't know who I am talking to.

The dishwasher is loud and so is silverware. Very loud.

My cats sound like they are high on helium, which is just funny.

Things I don't like to hear:

Kids screaming

Fire engines

Some lady I work with that sounds like she is drunk lol

Really loud noises scare me and I still have some trouble with directions but I am doing better. I nailed a 94% on word recognition at my last appointment, next time they are doing it in noise which is my worst part UGH. Just a fast update, hope everyone who reads this is ok, and just an FYI I am trying really hard to get the second one done and soon! TTYL