Thursday, November 26, 2009

LONG week, webinars, and Thanksgiving

Ok so I know that webinars are supposed to be a cool way to get information to people. However, I attended one for two hours this week and all I got out of it was “BINDER” and “Work ORDER”. I literally sat for two hours, smiling like a jackass and not having a damned clue what was going on. Then to make it even better, the person who was close to the phone would keep turning around and talking if they thought what was being said wasn’t important. Oy vey. I was supposed to leave from work early today so I could start my Thanksgiving, but we all know that didn't happen. Figures lol. When I came home though I found that Michael had made pecan pie, which almost made me fall over. I hope its good. :) I upgraded my OS on my computer to Windows 7. I sort of liked Vista, but I am really digging 7 so far. Only had one issue and that was with an online data back up that I use. Just switched it from the stand alone to the web version and it cleared right up. So far, so good.Also, I am asking for a Kindle for the holidays, does anyone have one?

Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nice Day

I had a good day today. I had a review with my boss which went well. I also went and joined SHRM (Society for Human Resources Management) which has a TON of resources on its site. All in all a good day, my teeth are still hurting, not as bad though. I am still debating on getting a hearing dog, the jury is still out on that one though. Hope all is well.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Post Root Canal(s) Update

Ok, so today I had my two scheduled root canals which I was REALLY looking forward to. Anyway, I went in at 9:30 and they started working on me. I was smart and took off my processors so I didn't have to hear it. :) Well three hours later the dentist told me that one of my teeth had a fracture and that it would be a waste to do the root canal on. So he cleaned it up and advised me that I now have to have it extracted and a bridge put in instead.

Now the best part is that this extraction is scheduled for November 9 in the morning and that evening we (Michael and I) are going to Philly for a concert. I should be in good shape for that!

On a side note, I am considering applying for a Hearing Dog. I think it would be a good thing for me to have. Do any of my readers have one or know anything about the application process?


As you can see, its very late here, but my face is still swollen and my teeth hurt and the vicoden is just now starting to make really really tired. So off to bed for me. I hope everyone is enjoying fall.



Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dreary Day

Today was a dreary day. Its been very cold and rainy since Wednesday. Michael went to Atlanta for the weekend, so I am home alone. Not sure if anything is on the plans for the weekend. I might try to go to the movies is there is an OC playing. I might go this whole weekend without my CI’s on, just to give me a rest. Its hard wearing them all the time. Since Michael doesn't really know sign and I can’t always lip read him very well it can be very frustrating. So this might be a good excuse for me to just relax and not have to really worry about the CI. He went to see our friends who are having an art show at Chastain Park. So if anyone who reads this is in the Atlanta/Sandy Springs area. Go check out the show! I wish I could have went, I love Georgia. Plus Randall and Patrick are so nice. I miss seeing them. Hope everyone is ok, I am noticing I am picking up more and more ‘small’ sounds with these things on, I can actually make out the radio when I drive pretty clear and as I type this the TV is on and I can make out what they are saying without looking at it. Very cool indeed.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Ok I have two abscessed teeth. I have been advised by my dentist to either have a double root canal or to have them extracted. Has anyone had a successful root canal? Do they hurt? I am in lots of pain right now because of them, I really don't want to get them pulled but the root canals are going to cost me $1400 and that is with my dental insurance. Its $100 to get them pulled. Just for the record its my top left molars that are affected. So if anyone reading this can give me some advice I would appreciate it. :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I have a freaking toothache. I hate when I get one of them. I am hoping it feels better in the morning or I am going to have to break down and go to the dentist. Other than that, not much going on, I am hoping to make it to DC for the ‘Walk 4 Hearing’ this month. One because I think it would be cool, and two the guy from the Redskins is pretty hot, he is the honorary chairman :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I know I have been REALLY bad about updating on here. Lets just say things have been crazy. I am doing great with my bi lateral implants. I ended up getting a promotion at work into a management position, something I know I could have never pulled off without my cochlear implants. I also bought a new lap top so I am hoping to use it more for updates and things now. I am also thinking of setting up a more personal blog for things not just relating to my cochlear journey. If I decide to do that I will let everyone know. Hope everyone is ok.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Second Activation Day

I had my second CI turned on today. I forgot how bad they sound when they first get switched on. Cats on helium, me sounding like a little girl. Fun stuff!
I did nail all the words that Andrea gave me at the office today and I also talked on the phone with my sister while I was driving home...with the new implant only. I thought that was pretty cool I will update more as things change but as for right now it just sounds weird but I am SO glad to hear out of both ears.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I am doing ok since my surgery, everything has healed up ok. Not a lot to report, my unactivated ear is driving me nuts its ringing so loud. It did a three day stint of sounding like a fax machine which was nice. I was ready to put my head in the oven at that point lol. I know it will settle once I get it turned on so come on August 6! Hope everyone is doing ok.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Bi Lateral Surgery Pictures and Update

So I had my surgery on Tuesday, lived on the pain pills until yesterday :) I hate how groggy they make me, but its usually the only I can get sleep after something like that. I stopped taking them yesterday and have been going on OTC stuff instead. I can feel the last of the Oxycontin leaving my system today because its been a struggle to stay upright all day. I took the pressure bandage off yesterday and I am publishing some pics of the surgery site and all. I have another lousy haircut (don't let a doctor cut your hair), but its not nearly as bad as last time. All in all I have had a much easier time with the second surgery than I did with the first. The biggest difference I have noticed is how loud my left ear rings now, there are times when it almost drowns out the right CI. The other weird thing is I have turned down the volume on my processor. Its too loud otherwise. I don't know what that is from but there you have it. :) Pics are here, the gunk on my ear is bacatracin, not some discharge or anything, I keep that on it so it doesn't get infected. Hope everyone is doing OK on this hot humid Friday. Keep in touch!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bi Lateral Surgery

SO my surgery was yesterday. Dr Niparko had me and in recovery in about an hour and a half. That guy is amazing. Today I am tired and sore. Especially my neck, back and throat. My ear hurts a little bit but nothing the pain meds don't clear up. I am looking forward to taking the pressure bandage off tomorrow, so be prepared for some pictures. :) Hope everyone is doing OK. Activation for the left ear is set for August 6 which seems SO far away... :)

bi-lateral surgery

I had my bi lateral surgery today. All seemed to have went well. I am in a lot of pain right now but I wanted to update in case anyone was concerned. I will put a better update tomorrow for sure. Maybe even some pictures. Hope all is well.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

one week till bilat sugery!!

Its officiall one week until I have my bialteral surgery. I am excited and scared at the same time. It will be so cool to get the other done finally. Activation is scheduled for august 6. I also heard a cool thing yesterday. The recorded voice on my voicemail came through crystal clear! Very cool. Hope everyone doing well. I will keep this updated from the other surgery.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Few Updates

Ok as you know my surgery is scheduled for June 23. My first and second activation dates are August 6 & 7. I am a little upset that I have to wait that long for the activation but I will survive. I have tickets to see Tori Amos August 1 and was hoping to have the second implant on by then. Also, I have a new blackberry curve which I can hear great on. So if any of you reading this have one hit me up on and we can chat! Hope all is well in your world, mine is doing ok!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Random Stuff

So Michael's sister is in town for the weekend and we are out and about. Tonight we went to see the Charm City Roller Girls roller derby match. Laugh if you want, but they are awesome! Those girls are rough and they kick ass. We had a good time, tomorrow we are going to the aquarium and a pirate ship ride, Monday we are going to the Orioles game. YAY BASEBALL :) I am excited. This will be my first hearing baseball game with the implant.

Now tonight I heard something I couldn't figure out what it was and it turned out to be a bat! A bat squeaking. I never ever thought I would be able to hear a bat. High pitch, fast moving, and not really able to see. It was cool. Very cool.

I am looking forward to getting the second implant which is month away now, its going to be awesome.

Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend. Mine seems to be going pretty well.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Movie Day

Today Michael and I went to see "Star Trek". I went for two reasons, one I love Star Trek, and two I think Chris Pine is freaking hot! :) This was a good movie, and we saw it in the IMAX which is much much easier for me to hear in with the CI. I guess its the super surround sound they use. I don't care why its just cool to watch a movie and not have to read the captions. The movie was good, the eye candy was good, and then we went shopping. I got some shorts and a shirt, we bought some stuff in Pier One and Michael got some stuff for his computer. All I can say is wow are people in White Marsh nasty! At least they were today. We bought an external hard drive and when it rang up the price was wrong. Michael told the girl the price the tag said and she said " well you can go get the sticker and bring it over. Next!" I was amazed. I always thought that would be her job, although from the looks of her, she hasn't moved very much to get anything recently. The best part of it was when she saw us coming back with it, she closed the register she was on and moved to a different one. I told him I would have complained to the manager, he let it go. Oh well, she better hope I don't go there soon. Avoid Lacey at the White Marsh Best Buy. :) Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bi Lat stuff, pics and picnic

Ok I am going bi lateral on June 23 YAY. I am excited. Very very excited. I am doing good with the one, so I want to try two out. :) Yesterday was the CI recipient picnic hosted by Johns Hopkins. Very cool! I met some nice people, it was so cool to be around a ton of other people who had the implants on, they were in age ranges from two to 80! It was sweet. I hope that anyone who sees this and was here will email me and tell me. I would love to meet up with some locals and make new friends in the area that can relate to this journey. I also went to see my niece last weekend so I am posting the customary baby pics at the end of this, hope you enjoy!

Monday, May 4, 2009

BI Lateral Update.

My bi lateral surgery is for June23. I am excited and scared at the same time. LOL I don't know why I know what to expect I guess I am just dumb like that. Hope everyone is well.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

6 month check up

Ok I had my 6 month check up yesterday. I am doing well with the CI, so well in fact that Monday I have an appointment to meet with my doctor to see about going bi lateral (one on the other ear) :) The thing continues to amaze me, the only problem I have run into is that the larger batteries tear my ear up really bad! It sucks so I am in the process of getting two new smaller ones.

On the work front I got a promotion to HR night clerk, which is beyond sweet. I am loving it. My sister had her baby in Feb, I have a couple of pics that I will attach to this blog. All in all things are nice and calm with the exception of the tree pollen which is killing me, I mean it I think I am dying from it, and I like trees a lot, I dont understand why they hate me... :( Oh well, Hope everyone is ok, TTYL