Thursday, November 26, 2009

LONG week, webinars, and Thanksgiving

Ok so I know that webinars are supposed to be a cool way to get information to people. However, I attended one for two hours this week and all I got out of it was “BINDER” and “Work ORDER”. I literally sat for two hours, smiling like a jackass and not having a damned clue what was going on. Then to make it even better, the person who was close to the phone would keep turning around and talking if they thought what was being said wasn’t important. Oy vey. I was supposed to leave from work early today so I could start my Thanksgiving, but we all know that didn't happen. Figures lol. When I came home though I found that Michael had made pecan pie, which almost made me fall over. I hope its good. :) I upgraded my OS on my computer to Windows 7. I sort of liked Vista, but I am really digging 7 so far. Only had one issue and that was with an online data back up that I use. Just switched it from the stand alone to the web version and it cleared right up. So far, so good.Also, I am asking for a Kindle for the holidays, does anyone have one?

Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving.