Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dreary Day

Today was a dreary day. Its been very cold and rainy since Wednesday. Michael went to Atlanta for the weekend, so I am home alone. Not sure if anything is on the plans for the weekend. I might try to go to the movies is there is an OC playing. I might go this whole weekend without my CI’s on, just to give me a rest. Its hard wearing them all the time. Since Michael doesn't really know sign and I can’t always lip read him very well it can be very frustrating. So this might be a good excuse for me to just relax and not have to really worry about the CI. He went to see our friends who are having an art show at Chastain Park. So if anyone who reads this is in the Atlanta/Sandy Springs area. Go check out the show! I wish I could have went, I love Georgia. Plus Randall and Patrick are so nice. I miss seeing them. Hope everyone is ok, I am noticing I am picking up more and more ‘small’ sounds with these things on, I can actually make out the radio when I drive pretty clear and as I type this the TV is on and I can make out what they are saying without looking at it. Very cool indeed.

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